About Me

Hello, my dears,
My name is Uwe, 36 years old and currently I live in Hamburg. Nevertheless, I would instead call myself a dweller of the world instead of insisting on my German origin. We are all living on the same planet and discovering him is always an adventure.

I have realized that I want to live my life as free as possible, even if it does mean to leave the traditional career path. Well, to be honest, I lived the 9 to 5 working life for a long time, but actually, I see life more as a project.

For that reason, I launched this blog. There are undoubtedly many others on the subject of travel, but each is unique in its own way, as like the person behind it. Traveling makes me happy, and maybe I can share a bit of this happiness with you. I hope that the little stories will inspire you and give you some useful tips for your next trip.

Lovely greetings – Your Uwe.