Prague: Allways worth a visit!

The capital city of the Czech Republic is one of the most popular destinations in Europe and that for a good reason. Prague has reams of sandstone towers, and they are shimmering golden in the sunlight which is the reason for the name „golden city.“ You can find a little overview of what Prague has to offer else. Have fun while reading.

The history:

I will keep it short, but some facts are lovely to know.

  • The Prague Castle was build in the 9. century to protect the surrounding settlements along the river Moldau.
  • In the 10. century followed the second castle and in course that the region evolved gloriously. Especially under the regency of Karl IV in an economic, cultural and political way.
  • The Karls – university (built in 1348) was the first university in middle Europe. The second defenestration of Prague in 1618 was the flashpoint for the 30th year war which left traces in the city. More precisely there where four towns in the region and they band together in the 17. Century to build Prague as we know it today.
  • Trough the building of the national theatre and the National Museum in the 19. Century the city experienced tremendous cultural growth.
  • After the 1st world war, the Czech Republic was established with Prague as the capital city. On 9. May 1945 the town was freed from the German invasion by the red army of Russia and the German-speaking citizen were displaced. Later on also the Hungarians.
  • In 1968 the forces of the Warsaw pact smashed a peaceful demonstration during the Prague spring against the political system but in 1989 the time of socialism ended, and the refugees of the DDR was allowed to travel into the western countries. So Prague was the location of the velvet revolution and become a democracy.

Public transport:

The infrastructure of the public transport system is super constructed. You can buy a one day or 3-day ticket for traveling the city by metro or bus. The three day ticket cost 310 Czech crowns which are approximately 12 EUR and is valid for 72 hours since stamping the first time. I would recommend it for a city trip, but of course, you can single trip tickets. It depends on what you prefer.

The Metro has three different main lines which are crossing each other in the center of the city. They have different colors so that it will be easy to navigate. The escalators of the entrance to the Metro are fascinating hence they are very long and steep. People with acrophobia could get an unpleasant feeling I guess. If you are traveling from the airport, you have to take the bus line 119 to the metro station „Nadrazi Veleslavin“ and switch over to the green line in the direction to „Dopo Hosival.“ So it is effortless, but in the case, you are a bit confused the local citizen are very friendly and helpful. SO don`t worry about that.

Prague Castle:

One of the famous places of interests will be the Prague castle on top of the hill Hradschin. It is the biggest closed castle areal in the world. It doesn’t matter from which side you will climb the hill up to the castle it will be necessary to jump a lot of stairs. Once you have finished it, you will be reward with a beautiful view all over Prague. An excellent place to have a look at the golden towers. The castle housed many dukes and kings already, and even today it is the residency of the president of the Czech Republic. Inside the castle, you will find the „Veitsdom“ which is the cathedral of the archbishopric of Prague. It is worth to take some pictures here and there.

Charles Bridge:

If you do not enter the castle from the west entrance you should leave it there, cause the next place of interest is near. You will be a bit faster downhill, but it will take you approximately 10 to 15 min to reach the Charles bridge. It is the oldest bridge over the river Moldau which connects the historic center and the new town. Furthermore, it is the oldest stone bridge in Europe and Prague’s landmark. Also if you enter the bridge, there will be tons of artists, and merchants who want to sell their goods. Its always crowded at the bridge so if you prefer it a bit more quiet you should take one of the other bridges to cross the river. Of course, a picture of this bridge should take place in every photo album, also in mine :-).

John Lennon Wall

If anybody would accept a little detour, you will enter the place of the John Lennon Wall which is next to the Charles bridge. Up to the 80`s, it was a ubiquitous wall but from this time they paint it with graffiti and song text`s inspired by the Beatles. The wall becomes a symbol of the protest from young people against the communism. They complain offensively which occur into a significant conflict finally. A fight between the forces of the government and the protester at the Charles bridge was the result. Even today the wall will be painted continuously, but it is still more a place for peace and love. Maybe a sign of a modern hippie culture but this place has its flair.

Often there are playing musicians, and it is worth to listen to them for a moment and also listen to your thoughts. It`s special guys. Even this place is a famous photo motif and if you like you can enter the John Lennon Bar at the end of the street and have a couple of drinks.

Historical Centre:

The historic center of Prague is stunning and comfortable to discover by foot. The old town square, town hall tower, old town astronomical clock, Wenceslas square and a lot more. There is so much to enjoy and discover. Take your time and stroll through the streets. Do not rush after the crowd for the next attraction. Look something of the trails. While doing this, I came across the Absintherie. It is a bit different bar where they serve Absinth in the traditional way and front of your eyes. Whether pure or as a cocktail, the taste will be unforgettable. I highly recommend a visit.

The nightlife is also impressive. There is something for every taste. The beauty of this city is the old architecture in a metropolis of millions. It is spacious and yet full of life. The streets are full of people, and again you do not feel crushed. Somehow you do not feel like you’re in a big city. You can like it or not, but for me personally, this is what makes the charm of Prague.

The center of the city is priced European standard. 3 – 4 euros the liter of beer. Hard Rock Cafe, Starbucks, and all the other big chains are also present here, and that’s fine. As I said. If you look a bit off the beaten path, you can enjoy excellent food and drink at a low price. This feels a bit like a scavenger hunt. Be sure to try the local cuisine. You will rarely get such good dumplings again.

Those who venture out of the city center, get to know the country and its people even better and also live much cheaper. The said liter of beer costs then only 1 euro and similar to the dumplings, the beer tastes unbeatable. The same with the accommodations. A room in the apartment house has cost 79 EUR for four nights. I would say unbeatable.

I have not gone into many things, but I hope this little appetizer makes you want more and you are soon on a plane to Prague. Or on the train or bus or whatever. Now and then you will find great offers at some holiday portals for a city break, or you look for yourself the right combination out.

Lovely greetings and have fun in Prague


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