Santanyi, S'Armardor

Santanyi – a pearl in the southeast of Mallorca

Having already given a brief overview of the northeast of the island, I would now like to devote myself to the small village of Santanyi and its surroundings. What can you expect from here, you will learn in the following article.

Starting from Capdepera, we wanted to look at the coastal road to the south. Since the places, Cala Millor and S’Illot don`t interest me much, and Porto Christo was once again separately on the agenda, a trip to the market of Santanyi offered itself. Every Wednesday and Saturday, it is open from 08:00 until 13:00. The best way to park your car is on the signposted parking lot not far from the market. Coming from the north at the roundabout take the first exit after the gas station and then straight ahead. You can not miss it. If it does, google maps will fix it.

The car is parked, and all you have to do is following the music or the steeple if you can see it. Around the market, the streets are closed, and right at the main entrance in front of the church sounds live music from a small bar. On every market day with other artists as far as I experienced it. Already here you could take a long break and watch the action. The narrow streets around the church are peppered with traders who offer local craftsmanship and goods. But also the small boutiques and restaurants are open. There is another small alley lurking around every corner, where you can discover small local shops.

In between, it may sometimes be a fresh orange juice or fresh fruits from the greengrocer. The otherwise tranquil little town is now bustling and full of life. There should be something for everyone here. I can highly recommend a stroll over this market.

Since there is still plenty of time for a beach visit or a short hike in the afternoon, there are many opportunities here. I would like to list a few, but as always, who has the choice, also has the agony.

1. Cala Santanyi

This small seaside resort is located just a few kilometers from the town of Santanyi. It sheltered a small dreamy bay that invites you to swim. On the small parking lot, you can park your car and reach the beach on foot. The bay is embedded in rock formations which offers a beautiful scenery. Of course you will not be all alone here, but still, you can risk a look. I think especially families with children will feel comfortable here. A little tip from me. Just take a look along the paths on the rocks. From here you have a fantastic view of the bay.

2. Cala Mondrago/S’Amardor

This beach is one of the most beautiful on the island, and I highly recommend it. It is not so easy to find in the middle of the Mondrago nature reserve, but it’s well worth the effort. From Santanyi there are less than 10 kilometers, but please do not enter “Cala Mondrago” into your navigation. The route takes you directly to the beach, but you cross the entire natural park on really narrow, rough roads until you suddenly stand in front of a sign “no trespassing.” Whether you want to go further or not is up to you.

We did not do it, and the navigation via google maps kept us in a circle. Finally, two routes give you access to the Mondrago beach, as it is actually two bays. For one S’Amardor, coming from Santanyi and the other is Mondrago, coming from Portopedro. Both will give you a Caribbean feeling because even here the water shimmers turquoise and is crystal clear. The white powder sand invites you to linger, and if you want, you can walk along the rocks from one bay to the other. Even for hiking enthusiasts, it will be worth a visit because of the beaten track you can enjoy pristine nature.

You can wonderfully explore the nature park Mondrago by mountain bike, and whether you are now more athletic on the road or cozy from a market stroll, you will never forget a cooling bath in this bay. So this is no longer a secret and many people make their way to Cala Mondrago. Again, a little tip from me. At the end of the street to S’Àmardor you will be directed to a pay parking lot and to be honest, I was too stingy to push down the required 5 EUR. In the village, only 100 meters in front of the parking lot, everyone will find a place that they do not have to pay for, as we do.

3. Cala de Moro & Es Trenc

Unfortunately, I did not have the time to look at the small bay Cala de Moro, but also it should be picturesque beautiful. Since I was not there, I do not want to write much about it, but I think, who is already in Santanyi, should have this bay on his list. Also not far away, is the beach of Es Trenc. A long flat stretch of white sand, nestled in a dune landscape and at the same time the longest beach in Mallorca.

To be honest, it reminds me a bit of the beach of my hometown near the Baltic Sea. However, you can reach the beach by a narrow road that leads along the well-known salt fields of Es Trenc. If you like, you may join a guided tour to learn more about the salt production or just enjoy a delicious espresso. Maybe you also take some of the “FLOR DE SAL D’ES TRENC” home with you. Generally, this beach is suitable for everyone, including the friends of skinny dipping.

These are my highlights around Santanyi even though this post is again just a short appetizer. You know, it’s always nice to have your own experiences.

Sunny greetings – Uwe!

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