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Nusa Ceningan- An island worth visiting

Bali is famous for its divine temples and the sacred vibes you get. But, someone, the real essence of Bali’s charm, seems to be getting lost mostly due to the overwhelming popularity. Thankfully, there are Nusa Islands, among which Nusa Ceningan is the perfect gateway if you want to explore the beautiful Bali without the crowd and the hustles of the city life. Considering a peaceful and relaxed holiday on the Island of Nusa, Ceningan will be a great choice.

As a small tropical island, Nusa Ceningan is located between the famous Nusa Lembongan Island and the Nusa Penida Island. These three islands are situated near each other. Exploring them from Bali’s mainland’s madness can render you with a serene vacation. The best part about Nusa Ceningan is that it is a tiny island that can be explored on foot or by renting a bike.

How to reach?

The only way to reach Nusa Ceningan Island from the mainland of Bali is through the water. To reach Nusa Ceningan, first, you need to get to Nusa Lembongan, which is possible via the three waterways options:
You have to board the local board from Sanur beach, which takes around 90 minutes to reach.
If you have the money, you can rent a Perama boat that is more comfortable to travel. It is departing from Sanur beach.
When you want to travel within a short time a speed boat is the best option to consider. It should not take you longer than 35 minutes.

Once you reach the Nusa Lembongan Island, traveling to Nusa Ceningan is too easy and seamless. You can travel across the Golden or Yellow Bridge by renting a scooter or a pushbike, enjoying the beautiful sea view. You might also take the opportunity of exploring and reaching the Nusa Ceningan Island from Nusa Lembongan via foot, which is famous by several tourists visiting.

Beaches to explore

Let us look at some of the Nusa Ceningan beaches worth the visit, mostly for their breathtaking sandy beaches and the picturesque view around.

Secret Beach

White sand, crystal blue water, and the dancing palm trees around are what defines the Secret Beach the best. Just spot the best place to hand your hammock and spend a relaxing and soothing day by the sea. Since the seawater is crystal clear, it is ideal for snorkeling and exploring the world underneath. You can enjoy swimming as well, but you have to make sure that the sea is calm enough.

Song Topo Beach

The very view of a swing on the shallow beach water makes Song Topo Beach a must-visit spot in Nusa Ceningan Island. It is located on the South West coast of Nusa Ceningan Island, close to the Golden or Yellow Bridge. This is a white sandy beach with clear water, making it ideal for the visitors to swim all through the water. The beach is relatively safe because you won’t expect any big waves because of the shallow water. In case the kids are swimming, supervision is always present.

Blue Lagoon beach

If you travel to Nusa Ceningan Island and don’t visit the Blue Lagoon beach, you will definitely miss out on the island’s main attraction. The best part about this spot is that you can witness and hear the blue crystal clear ocean water hitting the coral reef. It is an exceptional experience which cannot be explained without visiting. This beach is ideal for relaxing. Hence, you can bring your own beach mat, snacks, books, and other accessories that make you feel comfortable while you laze around the beautiful beach.

Do you want to try cliff jumping?

Blue Lagoon- A must visit spot in Nusa Ceningan Island

Apart from the relaxing and serene vacation, you might be looking for some adventure and thrill, right? The opportunity for cliff jumping at the Blue Lagoon beach will cater to your eagerness for a thrilling and pumping experience. The range of cliff jumping varies from 4 meters to 13 meters. You will be amazed to find the crystal clear water, absolutely blue in color. Thanks to the cliff edges and rock formation, you can sit comfortably and watch the sea waves crashing against it. You need to make sure that you are visiting the spot during the high tide, or you will be disappointed. Furthermore, you can also enjoy the sunset at this spot, which will be a sight to behold. Blue Lagoon is also famous as a sunset spot on the island.

Explore the beautiful and scenic Mahana Point

If you are an adventure enthusiast, especially about cliff jumping, Mahana Point will be your place to go. The cliff jumping varies from 5 meters above sea level to 10 meters. Mahana Point is located on the South West tip of Nusa Ceningan Island. From Blue Lagoon, you just need to drive on the same road for just a couple of minutes, and you reach Mahana Point. This is also the spot where you can enjoy surfing by renting surfboards. At the Mahana Point cliff, you will find a restaurant where you can find a host of cuisine options, along with beverages.


Nusa Ceningan is the smallest of the three Nusa Islands. It is very easy to reach from either Nusa Lembongan or Nusa Penida. Hence, you shouldn’t give any excuse for not visiting the island and exploring the beauty. When you take a trip to Nusa Penida or undertake the Nusa Lembongan trip, even half a day visit to Nusa Ceningan will be worth it. Whether you undertake the trip to Nusa Ceningan all by yourself or with family and friends, it will be filled with so many beautiful memories that you will cherish for years to come.
Plan your travel to Nusa Ceningan well before you head towards the beautiful island.

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