Hamburg Speicherstadt disrict with a watercastle

Hamburg Attractions: How to spend a weekend in Hamburg?

The beauty of Hamburg is impressive. Due to many famous tourist destinations, such as the Black Forest, Bavaria, and Mosel, it is a highly visited place. Because of its unique geography, Hamburg is one of the main cities in Germany and Europe. It considers itself the gateway to the world. 

Hamburg’s history has been strongly maritime, and in 1189 it becomes Imperial Free City and the center of the Hanseatic League. What to see in Hamburg includes 40 theatres, 60 museums, and more than 100 music venues in the area. Some of the more widely recognized Hamburg locations include the State Theater, the Museum of Industry, and the maritime museum. The Speicherstadt was built in the 18th. Beyond Hamburg tourism, the city is also known for its port, which is one of the largest in Europe. It serves as a central hub for finance, aviation, and the arts sectors in Hamburg, resulting in many employment. There is a thriving ex-pat culture in Hamburg, with about 30% of city residents coming from more than 180 countries worldwide! The city’s cosmopolitan and welcoming atmosphere makes it an enjoyable and unforgettable experience to visit Hamburg attractions.

How to reach Hamburg?

You may have decided to visit Hamburg, but the most important question may come to your mind, and it is essential to know how to get there? What are the ways of reaching Hamburg safely? So, let’s discover!

Either you choose a walk, or the wide variety of public transit networks can be the perfect way to get around Hamburg. You can take your own two feet, by suburban train (S-Bahn), subway or bus. The public transport will bring you relatively easy and for just a few euros from Hamburg Airport (HAM) into the city center. Taxis and MOIA, an Uber-like ride-share service, are means of transport as well. Car rental is not recommended, although an alternative.

Ways to move within Hamburg:

Go by bike

There are several cycling trails in and around Hamburg. The website for the city of Hamburg offers various bike tours. The city bike-sharing service for the city is called StadtRAD Hamburg, with 220 locations around. It provides an excellent view of the city.

Go by trains

It saves time to make use of Hamburg’s excellent and readily available public transportable features. This includes both the S-Bahn and U-Bahn subways, as well as several various vessels. You don’t have to buy a new ticket when you pick between buses, S-Bahn or the ferries. One of the easiest ways to use public transit is to ride is to purchase a day pass for 8 EUR. In all subway and bus stations and central bus stops, you can buy tickets from vending machines.

Go by Bus

Another means of public transportation is a bus. You’ll discover that Zentral Omnibusbahn (the main bus station) is next to the central train station. There are one-way tickets for €2.00, but the all-evening bus tickets are more costly. There are places in the city where you can buy these, and HVV bus drivers can sell them to you.

Go by Ferry

Hamburg is fully encircled by water and includes the River “Elbe” and the lake “Alster” with a canals network. As such, ferries provide another mode of transportation. The HVV system’s HADAG ferries navigate various routes along the Elbe. Ferry service runs more often throughout the summer high season. You can purchase tickets in the Housing Value Lot (HVV) stations.

Go by Taxi

There are taxi waiting ranks in the city as well as on the streets. Official taxicabs are white with a yellow “Taxi” sign. Taking 30 minutes from the airport to the city would cost about 25 euros. Ride-sharing, as an alternative, is available by installing the corresponding software on your smartphone. It’s similar to Uber.

Go by MOIA

The car-sharing service offers transport within the city by electric drive. It’s comfortable minibusses that can be booked with your smartphone, and you will share it with other people. It’s way cheaper than regular taxis, and they are way more economical as well.

Go by Car

You can find car rental companies at Hamburg Airport, but we believe that getting around by car is too much trouble. Why would you use your vehicle if the public transit system is such a great asset? 

Where to stay after reaching Hamburg?

Till now, we have discussed different means of transportation which are easy to use. However, it is of great concern where will you stay after reaching Hamburg? Don’t worry; we got all the necessary information for you!

If you are searching for hotels and hostels, then here are a few locations that are worth staying:

Hostel on a low budget in Hamburg

Next to the central station, the Generator Hostel is a great place to stay. A big, very centrally located hostel in Hamburg. You have to get to the train station, and then you’re on your way to the city center of town!

Prices start from approximately €15/night in a dorm, for a single room up to €80/night.

Hotel with a high budget in Hamburg

Riverside Hotel in St. Paul is a good choice if you have a relatively high budget. It costs approximately €100 per night to stay at the hotel and has spectacular views of the port in the daytime. It costs €44 a day extra for breakfast!

Places to visit in Hamburg

Hamburg has a large number of tourist attractions that are highly worthy of visiting:

Hamburg Port

The Hamburg port, known as ‘HafenCity,’ includes a port known as ‘Gateway to Germany. ‘Hamburgs port is 100 square kilometers long. It’s also where you’ll find many of the city’s most famous tourist attractions. On summer evenings and weekends, there’s plenty of residents relaxing.

The ancient Elbtunnel

Next to St. Paul is the Elbe, a wonderful bridge dating back to the early part of the last century used up to the present. It has four huge elevators used to carry the cars up and down to cross the river back then. The fastest way to reach the city and cross the river was this! 

The tunnel is wide enough to accommodate one car, and that’s why it used to run one way in the morning and the other way back to work in the town and the afternoon! 

ancient elbtunnel – photo by Sid Saxena

The Beach Club “Strand Pauli”

Next to ancient Elbtunnel will be one of Hamburgs most famous beach clubs. You will find a chilling atmosphere with fancy cocktails and stylish food. The perfect place to spend a couple of hours or even watch the sunset over the harbor. For sure a place to visit if you are around in this area.

Miniature Wonder Land

Miniatur Wunderland continues to expand the world’s largest model train exhibition. You can see trains running across the U.S., Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, and Denmark. If you want to skip a long queue, then buy your ticket online. Guidebooks are available for fun, behind-the-the-the-scenes activities to increase the customer’s enjoyment. Restaurants and drinks, including a children’s restaurant, are available on location.

Visit the Schanzen Viertel

It’s known as the Sternschanze and was once considered as an outpost of the city. Today, Hamburg has more of an alternative scene and is along the well-known Reeperbahn.

Relax on the terraces while you enjoy the food and the views. This area has charm and flair. People are open-minded, and you will find many small shops and pop-up stores build with love. It’s a unique area with a lot of things to discover on foot.

Enjoy Hamburg Harbor’s Light Tour

Consider spending a night in the harbor with all the lights mirroring the water, a great way to discover Hamburg. Cruise down the river and admire an extraordinary experience while seeing the buildings’ silhouettes along the river.

Travel via the historical “Speicherstadt” to the container terminals (depending on the tide). Enjoy all kinds of entertaining tales from the harbormaster of navigation while sipping on a beverage of your choice.

Enjoy the Incredible Skybar

Empire Riverside Hotel in St. Pauli has the finest views of the cities skyline. This is a pleasant place with great views of the harbor from the bar on the 20th floor of the hotel. From up here, the atmosphere is beautiful, and the drinks are much better!

Visit the Alster Lakes

Alster lakes both (inner & outer) are Hamburg’s most beautiful destinations.

Cruise and ferries wind through the lakes in the summer. This is an excellent way to explore the area because ferries and boats transport passengers and provide amazing views. Take a sunset cruise and drink champagne while you watch the sunset over the lakes. Or take a sightseeing tour of Hamburg’s lakes and canals and enjoy landmarks like the Alster fountain, Elbphilharmonie, and the HafenCity quarter.

The five best Hamburg sightseeing and attraction deals from Viator include a ferry trip on the Alster lakes and one ticket or two tickets to attractions.”

Hamburg alster – photo by Amelie & Niklas Ohlrogge

Enjoy shopping at Jungfernstieg

Jungfernstieg is the best place to start a vast shopping area through Hamburg’s noble shops. The shopping paradise stretches along the whole Mönckebergstraße. Individual retailers and well-established fashion chains are represented here.

Discover the alternate side of Hamburg

You’re looking for a new place to finish up. The Schanze in the northern end of the city offers boho places and trendy cafes. It’s the perfect location to hunt for graffitis. Behind every corner can be lovely work from a graffiti-artist—a great thing to do if you like this kind of art. You will find unique places like the “central park” beach club, co-working spaces, breweries, restaurants, theaters, clubs, and much more.

Plan to enjoy Nightlife in Hamburg nightclubs

A recent study found that Hamburg was rated the best place to spend a night globally, putting it above Amsterdam, Berlin, and Barcelona. From the underground to the skies and water, on land and in the air, Hamburg can whisk you to its highlights and promise an evening that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Most nights in Hamburg can be very long and noisy, so there is an on-going soundtrack of musical enjoyment. There’s a variety of bars you can go to throughout the week and on weekends. The chief attractions of Hamburg’s nightlife and drinking are:

Bars and pubs: the majority of drinks in Hamburg are in these catch-all neighborhoods, including pubs in the working-class district of St. Pauli, as well as those in Altona. They are generally open during the week, earlier on the weekends, and remain open until the last customer leaves.

Cocktail bars: Hamburg has trendy bars that target upscale clientele, but not all of them, of course. Most of them open early in the evening and stay open late.

Music bars: When bars are playing music, they also serve as live music venues on other nights.

Brewery bars: Are breweries and taverns where the beers used to be bottled at the premises. Now they are serving craft beers as well.

Nightclubs: You can’t go to the Hamburg nightclub until midnight. Some of these don’t open until the early hours of the morning. Clubs in Hamburg that do not need a charge for the entrance fee will get their drinks more expensively. Top class tour and resident DJs are, in general, the best.

St Pauli – divergent and untamed

St Pauli’s red-light district is the beating heart of the nightlife’ It becomes lively after the last call. Raves and strip clubs happily coexist with old saloons and discos around every corner. The entire one-kilometer radius is occupied on Reeperbahn Avenue and the nearby streets and squares.

There are cheap student bars like Ex-Spar and sophisticated bars. Lively Irish pubs such as Molly Malone and Großer Thomas Read and venerable live music halls such as Grober Docks’Art Gallery 36 Electronic and club DJs rule at Baalsa and Prinzenbar, Moondusto, and Villa Nova. Molotow is known for rocking & dance, and alternative fans can feel right at Gruenspan, while Gruenspan is known for jazz floors. People who enjoy spectacular views of the city should stop by and have their drink at Heaven’s Nest.

Sternschanze – trendy and alternative

It’s just a short walk to the Sternschanze from here. The leftist and alternative character of the Rote Flora’s theatres has for almost three decades. When the weather is good, people gather in the streets to celebrate. At just a short distance, the multicultural Karoviertel is famous for its cool cafés and cocktail bars.

You may choose between the refined Goldfischglas, the laid-back Yoko, or the unsophisticated Fonke. Have fun going to unconventional venues like the Kulturverein, the “Ueb,” & “Geflich’sche’s” situated in a former Nazi war bunker and elsewhere. Under the Sternbrücke bridge, you’ll find some of the city’s best underground clubs like the Fundbureau, the Astra Stube, and the Waagenbau.

Zum Silbersack

Only parties deserving of a Zum Silbersack are grouped in the Zum Silbersack handbook. One is to be found in each of those guidebooks, and one is assured. This notable Reeperban Street bar has garnered a cult following its watered-down drinks and hack-and-tattitudinous ballads since the turn of the century. A down-to-the-earth, sloppy-in-the-the-the-hips type-of night is what you have arrived for. Here’s a helping of hearty drinking, lively and spirited discussion, wrapped in Astra beer, of course.

Coolest clubs and bars

Some of Hamburg’s most fun things are hidden away. Informal Paraphrase: In Europe, the Privilege is the most luxurious of all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant under the streets of Hamburg’ In the vicinity of the Bar des Lions, a prestigious Parisian bar serves some of the country’s finest cocktails. Fabrik is the venue for some red brick and steel: a unique atmosphere is an atmosphere that awaits there. More recently, the Moloch, situated in the “Hafen City.”

Even the Elbe is a valuable resource in its own right, with many clubs and bars running on it. Some interesting stuff can be witnessed on the Frau Hedi tours, as DJs present music from all over the world perform in different environments in unique ways. One of the city’s best places to hear live music is the Feuerschiff, while the Cold War ship Stubnitz is a floating club. It is well known that there are always special activities in the celebration of the harbor every year, and they are always worth attending.

Große Freiheit 36

Every enjoyable evening out needs some music to tap your toes to, and Große Freiheit 36 is justifiably recognized as such. Popular as a stop on the Beatles’ stints in the city of debauchery, and where they played their first gigs! Thanks to the capacity to entertain an audience of 1500 fans of diverse musical tastes, the place has hosted numerous world-famous musicians, including pop, rock, hip-hop, and electronic artists. With all the neon lights outside, you’ll know you’ve arrived when you set foot inside.

Take in the sights of the harbor

A good evening wouldn’t be out of the question, but of course, not everyone in the office would be a fun-loving party animal. Do you want to begin the evening with a good, quiet meal at the harbor? Maybe you want to go to the harbor when you have trouble finding bearings. You are likely to get your ferries here, so you can stock up on supplies before departing on your expedition. Numerous restaurants offer excellent views of the port and lapping water of the River Elbe. Good German dishes like fish soup are a draw for tourists visiting Hamburg.

Where would you like to stay?

If you are visiting Hamburg for the first time, where should you stay? Altona will be a good choice. Originally, Altona was a town of its own. Still, it is now a part of Hamburg and is about 3 kilometers outside the city center. There is so much to see here. Therefore you will love to discover anything.

Places of interest in Altona

  • Have a leisurely walk around the Wohlers-Hochrundorferner Park, which is also the location of Norderfriedhof Cemetery.
  • Stop to contemplate the Jewish graveyard.
  • admire the main church of Haupt-Kirche Trinitatis
  • On a nice day, drink a cup of coffee at Walter-Mö Park and watch the world go by.
  • Come to Altona and look at the incredible views of the port.
  • Then, search Fischmark and pick out something delicious for yourself.
  • Bow your heads to the shape of the Beatles’ Liverpool Music Hall.
  • If you’re in the mood for a day in the lakes, take part in Bäderfest!
  • Check out the community-generated Park Formal, a location for outdoor movies and other community activities, such as this
  • Gain an appreciation for modern history at the waterfront U-boat Museum.
  • Stroll around the Elbe beach area and drink a beer in the bar “Strandperle.”

Many visitor destinations are located near Hamburg, with their sandy beaches, including many islands that are approachable by boat. The city of Stade also has many attractions located around its busy harbors. Simultaneously, the Luneburg Heath area is worth exploring in typical German landscapes, including various medieval towns.

Hamburg is one of the best tourism places having tourist spots for all types of people. I hope this guide has helped you with everything you needed to know about Hamburg tourism. 

Happy Travelling!

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